Display Now: simple and efficient digital signage tool

My role: Survey, Workshops, Wireframes, Prototype



Digital signage is the ultimate business solution

While traditional signs display a single message and can only be updated with great time and effort, digital signs can rotate through multiple messages or advertisements to catch the attention of numerous target audiences. They can be used in banks, restaurants, and retail stores. 

• Digital displays capture 400% more views than static displays.

• 71% of the people report that digital signage is more memorable than traditional, static signage.

• 80% of shoppers claim to have decided to visit a shop because they got lured in by a digital signage.



Product that deserves loyalty

• Design a compelling product that will convert visitors into clients.
• Provide efficient and intuitive user experience, turning Display Now into desirable solution for many businesses.

"We waste money on ads with little to no conversion"

Chris D.

Despite of all efforts and budgets Display Now spent on advertising campaigns, they were still suffering from low conversion and low user retention after trial.

Detecting landmines

Survey: Why users are leaving?

We sent out a survey to the users who dropped out after the trial. We received 46 responses with some valuable insights and clues which areas we need to target during interviews.

Web analytics: High drop off rate within first 10 seconds.

Despite the high amount of traffic driven by the ad campaigns drop off rate was high after the first few moments. This gave us an indication to gather more information on landing page during the interviews.

Usability tests: Only 1 out of 5 participants were able to set up the sign.

We recruited 5 participants for our usability tests
• 3 business owners interested in digital signage
• 2 people who interact with similar software at work.

Tasks included:
• to register an account
• to create a test sign

Participants were asked to provide their feedback on landing page,
regarding its contents and appearance.

Some complaints that we received during usability tests

Competitor analysis: Technologically advanced and user-unfriendly.

We analyzed 4 competitors, we observed many issues similar to Display Now. Most companies concentrate on technology and innovation, some tools had advanced editing Photoshop level capabilities, where you would need highly technically literate user to get through the task, but is this what users want?
However we found some of the features were quite interesting.

User is the main character

To visualize our findings we organized data in the affinity map and created personas, as well as sketched a few storyboard scenarios to ideate on possible solutions.

Workshops: Brainstorm solutions.

Ideating together with stakeholders on problem solving within developmental constraints.

Low-fidelity wireframes

User thoughts

We tested prototype with 4 people from similar background as the first usability test participants, business owners who interested in digital signage.

Final design

UI Design.
We followed careful rebranding with more positive appearance, creating approachable product.

Frictionless sign up flow.
We eliminated friction points to streamline process, keeping it minimal and fast.

Product tour.
Introduction to the interface for new users for easier navigation.

All signs in one place, switch for grid/map view.

Assistant guide.
Action-driven tool tips provided by chat bot to bring the feel of real human experience to guide user through the sign creation process.

Organize playlist content.
Dragging the items within the playlist to change the order of items.

Allowing user to preview playlist content, to make sure it is displayed correctly, adjust or change it before publishing.

Allowing users to plan ahead by scheduling playlists, issue important updates by scheduling individual items and overriding other content.

Intuitive flow.
Sign creating in a few easy steps.

Next steps

• Account and payment interfaces
• Mobile website/app
• Intermediary messages and modals.